Chinese Internet Paper Terms S. Korean Regime Corrupt One

Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) — An article disclosing the corrupt nature of the south Korean puppet regime titled “Felonies disappear in the wake of the sinking of the ferry Sewol” was posted on a Chinese internet paper on May 2.

Recalling that many south Korean people threw away the wreaths sent by Park Geun Hye and Lee Myung Bak as an expression of their indignation against Park’s visit to the Ansan public incense-burning altar, the article said: This showed such pitiful plight of the former and incumbent rulers of south Korea that even their wreaths were rejected by the mourners.
The article went on:
Despite the disaster of the ferry sinking, the south Korean regime is busy desperately kicking off a racket to “eliminate the followers of the north”. Such a reality makes people keenly realize what corrupt, incompetent and rotten society the era of sycophancy and ruined nation has brought. It also helps to know what awful tragedy and misfortune the era of division due to foreign domination has inflicted upon the Koreans.
A ferry called “Lee-Park” built in the worst era of sycophancy and national ruin is rapidly sinking.
It is now being buried at the bottom of the sea in the wake of the disaster of the ferry Sewol sinking recorded in history.
The ferry sinking disaster set the stage for craftily hiding power-backed crimes and shielding their masterminds.
The Intelligence Service, prosecution and police, once put on a chopping board due to their illegal interference in the 2012 “presidential” election, are going scot-free after occurrence of a series of alarming cases like the tail of a lizard being cut off to remain alive.
They are resorting to all sorts of illegal acts to keep the Park era afloat and help her stay in office.
The sky of south Korea is overcast with dark clouds.

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