KCNA Condemns Park Geun Hye Group’s Act of Treachery

Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) — The Park Geun Hye group of south Korea recently implored its American master to re-extend the transfer of the wartime operation control (OPECON), an act of treachery.

The group, in fact, indefinitely extended the transfer under the pretext that “it should be transferred to south Korea only after it has had in place a combat power system capable of identifying, detecting and striking nukes and missiles of the north at an early stage”.
This is an extremely dangerous reckless action to escalate the tensions on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia and facilitate the arms race by keeping south Korea under the permanent occupation of the U.S. and as an outpost for starting a war.
The issue of the transfer of OPECON surfaced as traitor Syngman Rhee transferred it to the U.S. in the early period of the past Korean war. So, this means the south Korean puppet forces allowed themselves to come under a disgraceful yoke.
The DPRK remains unperturbed by the extension of the transfer for several years or for a century. But it cannot but take note of the issue as it will adversely affect the south Korean people and the regional stability.
The transfer of OPECON is not a simple issue of transferring the prerogative over the army but is a crucial matter related to the south Korean people’s dignity and right to existence.
The south Korean people have been driven as a shock brigade for confrontation with their fellow countrymen in the north and as cannon fodder for a war of aggression over the past six decades as they were deprived of OPECON.
As south Korea has been left without the political and economic arteries and OPECON, it has paid a huge amount of money to U.S. forces for their upkeep and its many people fell victim to all sorts of crimes committed by aggressors.
Hence, the south Korean people have staged actions to take back OPECON for the past several decades. South Korea was expected to take over it by April, 2012.
Lee Myung Bak, traitor without an equal, extended it for three years.
But the Park group went the lengths of agreeing to extend it for an indefinite period.
It stooped to any act of treachery. In exchange for the re-extension the group met the U.S. request for purchasing various types of U.S.-made military hardware, bringing huge profits to its munitions industries, covering increasing expenses for the upkeep of the U.S. forces in south Korea and joining in the building of the missile shield.
Does the world know such wicked quisling as Park?
She is, indeed, a top class sycophant and traitor and philistine without an equal.
The recent action taken by the puppet group has further tightened the U.S. political, military and economic domination and subjugation of south Korea and made its people suffer more from foreign forces’ moves for aggression. The Park group extended the transfer of OPECON at a time when the whole of south Korea turned into a mourner’s house in the wake of the ferry Sewol disaster. This is a thrice-cursed crime against the nation.
Facts go to prove that the south Korean people can neither get rid of the yoke of colonial slavery nor escape a nuclear disaster as long as Park is allowed to stay in office.
All Koreans will certainly force the Park Geun Hye group to pay for all its crimes committed against the nation.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15119289910/

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