Literature and Art Revolution in DPRK

Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) — The human history of literature and art development records renaissance that took place in Korea in the 20th century, the most popular and revolutionary socialist renaissance based on the Juche idea.

The great development of the Juche-based literature and arts in the DPRK, representing the socialist renaissance in the era of independence, was made through a gigantic revolution guided by leader Kim Jong Il, the genius of literature and art.
Before a new renaissance in Korea, which was witnessed in the period from the latter half of the 1960s to the first half of the 1970s, the development of human literature and art had faced serious difficulties due to the rotten capitalist trend of literature and arts and the imperialists’ ideological and cultural poisoning.
Penetrating deep into such situation, Kim Jong Il clarified that the building of Juche-oriented literature and arts in the era of independence should be carried out through a radical revolution.
He declared the revolution in literature and arts as an acute class struggle in the ideological and cultural fields and energetically led the work to build the Juche-based literature and arts, fresh in all aspects — content and style, system and method of creation –.
To this end, he defined the literature and arts created during the anti-Japanese armed struggle as a model for the development of the Juche-oriented literature and arts.
And he kindled the flames of the literature and art revolution with the adaptation of celebrated masterpieces, created by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese armed struggle, into various forms of literature and arts as a start.
The flames brought the tradition of revolutionary cinematic art and a new era of the “The Sea of Blood”-style revolutionary operas and “Songhwangdang”-style dramas, as well as radical development in music, dance, fine art, acrobatics and all other realms of literature and arts.
The socialist renaissance serves as the foundations for the steadily developing and blooming Juche-based literature and arts.

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