Rodong Sinmun Comments on Park Geun Hye’s “Doctrine of Gaining Great Opportunity of Unification”

Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) — The ghost-like watchword “Gaining a great opportunity of unification” is afloat in south Korea these days.

Park Geun Hye is making much fuss about getting ready for “unification” and “forming a preparatory committee for unification”, talking about “gaining a great opportunity of unification” whenever a chance presented itself.
She also vociferated about the watchword during her trips to neighboring countries and even during her European junket.
Philistines and media of her puppet regime are also staging charades about studying the watchword, oft-repeating it.
Rodong Sinmun on May 8 observes in its commentator’s article: “The doctrine of gaining a great opportunity of unification” is a heinous “doctrine of confrontation of the social systems” and “doctrine of achieving unification of the social systems”. It is also a “doctrine of war against the DPRK” and “a doctrine of nuclear disaster”.
The strange watchword “Gaining a great opportunity” fully reflects the base and ugly nature of philistinism, mammonism that one can lure people with money and it is everything.
It is painful and shameful that the country remains divided though nearly 70 years have passed since the partition of the country.
It is a vicious mockery and insult to the wishes of the Korean nation for reunification to deny the basic nature of the issue of the reunification of the country and describe it as a bargaining chip for dealers and gamblers.
Her doctrine is nothing but the daydream of “achieving unification of the social systems” veiled with the above-said watchword presupposing the “unification under American- style liberal democracy” and the “German-style reunification”.
The “unification of the social systems” precisely means the “confrontation of the social systems”.
The differing ideologies and social systems exist in the north and the south of Korea and both do not want to abandon them. To insist on achieving the unification of the social systems under this situation means seeking confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north and denying the peaceful reunification, in the final analysis.
It is all the more ridiculous for her to peddle the said doctrine, obsessed with the “daydream of contingency and collapse.”
It is south Korea that is on the brink of collapse and “contingency”.
Great irony is that she is busy uttering the watchword, foolishly dreaming of the “collapse of the north,” at a time when the whole of south Korea looks like a mourner’s house and she is at deathbed.
The group of killers, the hordes of traitors, whose days are numbered, bitterly cursed by the south Korean people and the nation, claim that they will play a main role in achieving the reunification of the country. This is a tragicomedy that makes the boiled head of a cow provoke a side-splitting laughter.
Park’s group is going more frantic with confrontation and war racket, chanting the above-said watchword.
Her doctrine will lead only to war disasters.
It is quite impossible to think about the “gaining of a great opportunity” and “making profits” after south Korea is reduced to ashes, the businesses totally go bankrupt and all the people perish.
All the facts go to prove that the doctrine touted by Park is no more than an extremely vicious traitorous and anti-reunification sophism intended to hide her group’s sinister true colors, mislead the public opinion and more desperately kick up anti-reunification hysteria.
Park is now finding herself in a tight corner, left without any achievement in more than one year of her office. Therefore, she is working hard to improve her image by making her doctrine prove “effective.” This, however, will invite only bitterer condemnation from all Koreans and foreigners and shame.
South Korea is now swept by the waves of dynamic popular actions against Park’s regime.
Her unpopular and traitorous true colors have been brought to light. Her regime may collapse and she would be punished anytime just as ferry “Sewol” sank.
She must not make a mockery of the nation over the issue of reunification.
Just as traitor Lee Myung Bak suffered a miserable fate after coming under the fire of the nation for talking about the “unification pot” to make an ass of the inviolable issue of reunification, Park will face a more miserable end if she persists in the gambling with such watchword.
She must not forget the tragedy of her father Park Chung-Hee who went reckless with anti-reunification confrontation and the moves to invade the north, trumpeting about “miracle on the bank of the River Han,” copying the “miracle on the bank of the River Rhine” in Germany.
The nation can never tolerate criminal doctrine and it is bound to go bankrupt in face of the rebuff and denunciation of all Koreans.

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