Construction or Remodeling of Centers for Science and Technology Dissemination Brisk in DPRK

Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) — A dynamic drive is now under way in cities and counties of the DPRK to build modern Miraewon or centers for disseminating scientific and technological knowledge and remodel the existing ones.

These centers will have e-libraries, computer study rooms, rooms for scientific and technological knowledge, tele-education rooms, etc.
They will positively contribute to the economic development of the country and cultural and emotional life of the people.
These projects are making brisk headway in cities and counties of North Hwanghae, North Phyongan, North Hamgyong, Jagang and Kangwon provinces.
Sangwon County has completed a two-storied miraewon on the bank of River Sangwon.
A similar center was built in a peculiar style in Kwaksan County.
Kosan and Jonchon counties remodeled the inside and outside of the center as required by the new century.
Kwaksan and Ryonggang counties wound up overall projects including installing of equipment including computers in a brief span of time. They are now busy with the work for putting the management and operation of the centers on a scientific and IT basis.
As these centers have a data service system linked with the capital and various provinces, cities and counties, readers there can use modern scientific and technological data and latest achievements in various fields any time.
The above-said centers in Taehongdan, Anak and Hochon counties are successfully providing services in close touch with Kim Il Sung University, the Grand People’s Study House and other units.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/northkoreatravel/14111849538/

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