World Public Criticizes S. Korean Regime over Ferry Sinking

Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) — The Park Geun Hye “government’s” wrong approach toward the tragic sinking of ferry “Sewol” in south Korea has aroused derision from among the world community.

Recently the World News Journal of China (Shijie Xinwenbao) carried a brief comment titled “Trust Crisis” on the case. Noting that the south Korean “government” faced a great pressure by the society and the public opinion, the comment said:
An opinion poll released in south Korea on May 2 shows that the support rate for “President” Park Geun Hye dropped 11 percent.
Before the ferry “Sewol” accident was put down, there happened a subway accident in Seoul. In fact, a series of man-made disasters due to the lack of management have been recently reported in south Korea, and they are a main cause of the lowered approval rating.
The south Korean “government” should be aware that the people’s unrest by such man-made disasters is graver than the effect by a fall in support rate. How can the “government”, unable to properly control any home affair, deal with the security affair more important than it.
The comment is just an advice to Park Geun Hye, an “owner of grave keeper’s cottage”, as she turned the whole of south Korea into a big graveyard.
Now in south Korea, an impeachment action is growing stronger to oust incompetent and unreliable Park from Chongwadae. However, she cooks up cunning tricks one after another to keep up her power and calm down the people’s surging wrath.
Public opinions say that the devil’s luck is brought to south Korea as disastrous accidents have happened in succession in the sky, ground and waters after Park took office.
The drastic drop of support rate for Park tells about her dark future. The south Korean society will fall into a deeper hole of decay if she is allowed to stay in power.

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