Park Geun Hye Group Slammed for Floating Again Fiction about “North’s Involvement” in “Drone Case”

Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) — The spokesman for the inspection group of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK on Sunday issued a statement blasting the south Korean authorities for floating again the fiction about “the north’s involvement” in the “drone case”, a scenario for escalating the confrontation with their fellow countrymen in the north.

On May 8 the south Korean military staged a farce of announcing the “results of scientific and technological investigation” with those concerned of the Defense Ministry and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and drone experts attending.
No sooner had the “results of investigation” been announced than jeer and ridicule were heard from across south Korea. “They force us to believe in the faked drones. It’s better to believe in invisible ghost.” “Is the Defense Ministry allowed to make such mockery of the people?” “If drones crashed, why are their propellers in such good shape? And why is the muffler so clean? It requires an inquiry.”
The inspection group of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK cannot but clarify why the south Korean authorities are making much fuss, peddling again the fiction about “the north’s involvement” in the “drone case” which has already been rejected by the people, the statement said, and went on:
First of all, through the “drone case” the Park Geun Hye group foolishly seeks to find a way out of the worst ruling crisis in which the whole of south Korea has turned into a mourner’s house and the public resentment is running high to demand an “impeachment of the president”.
As well known to the world, the whole of south Korea has turned into a heart-rending scene due to the ferry Sewol sinking accident.
The Park group faked up the fiction about “the north’s involvement” to do harm to its fellow countrymen in the north and invent a pretext for escalating the confrontation in a back room, far from working hard to put the case under control including the confirmation of those missing till now more than 20 days since the sinking. This is an unpardonable crime.
It is a crafty intention of the group to seek a way out in the “drone case” as it has become clear for it to suffer a humiliating defeat in the June 4 “local election.” It is the inveterate bad habit of the south Korean authorities to seek a way out by fabricating shocking cases and linking them with the north whenever they are driven into a crisis.
Another ulterior aim sought by the Park group in its fabrication of the “drone case” is to please its U.S. master by kicking up a fresh racket of confrontation with its compatriots in the north and push the north-south relations to the brink of a war.
All facts go to clearly prove why the south Korean authorities are desperately floating the above-said fiction.
The DPRK remains consistent in its demand.
The south Korean authorities should accept without any complaint the proposal made by the DPRK to carry out a joint investigation into the “drone case” before floating such fiction about “the north’s involvement in the case” including the story that the unidentified drones were from “the north”.
They should not grumble behind the scene if they are upright, but respond to the DPRK’s proposal for joint investigation, though belatedly.
If they are not in a position to respond to the proposal owing to their plots and fabrications, they should no longer resort to such a base act of doing harm to their compatriots in the north.
Clear is the stand of the DPRK.
No matter how frequently the south Korean authorities cook up stories about the “north’s involvement,” the DPRK has nothing to do with the case.
The more desperately they float such story, the faster the “Park Geun Hye’s wrecked ship” will sink, swept by the waves of the angry public mindset.

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