Probe into Truth behind Ferry Sinking Accident Called for in S. Korea

Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) — The Joint Conference of Human Rights Organizations in south Korea made up of over 40 human rights organizations made public an appeal on Friday calling for actions to probe the truth about the ferry Sewol sinking accident, according to the south Korean internet newspaper Thongil News.

The appeal said that the bereaved families of victims to the accident were checked by the police on their way to Chongwadae.
The bereaved families, who lost their children owing to the words “stay calm”, came to Seoul to probe the truth about the accident, the appeal said, adding:
KBS is making false reports in succession about the ferry sinking disaster, terming the death of passengers an ordinary one and, in the long run, claiming that bereaved families are telling a lie. This is aimed to calm down public criticism of the present regime.
Police also forced the bereaved families to “stay quiet”, the appeal said, accusing the security authorities of standing in the way of protest actions demanding the probe into the truth about the accident.
Noting that the behavior of the present chief executive is lashing the bereaved families into fury, it denounced Park Geun Hye for refusing to probe the truth about the accident.
It called on people from all walks of life to turn out in the action to probe the truth about the accident and punish those responsible for it in solidarity with the protest actions of the bereaved families.

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