Park Geun Hye Regime Will Inevitably Sink: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) — 28 days have passed since the south Korean ferry Sewol sank.

During the period the world witnessed the deplorable reality in which more than 300 children were buried at the bottom of the sea as the Park Geun Hye regime saved none of them.
The inside of the hull collapsed as the ferry remained under water for nearly one month and despair is running high. The cries of those bereaved families who attempt to commit suicide to join their dead children and wailing of other parents are heard not only from Phaengmok Port but also from other parts of south Korea.
The ferry Sewol tragedy will be followed by other disasters in south Korea.
Everybody in south Korea is suffering from a nightmare under the rule of Park Geun Hye.
All the south Koreans including schoolchildren cannot sleep in peace as south Korea is threatened with ceaseless disasters similar to the sinking of the ferry Sewol.
The disaster of the ferry Sewol shows the real picture of the corrupt and ailing society under the misrule of Park Geun Hye.
Had the south Korean authorities taken proper measures to rescue victims from the very moment of the accident, they would have minimized the casualties and shortened the time for rescue operation.
The despicable nature of the corrupt south Korean society was brought to light. The captain was the first to leave the ferry and the “president” did not make any proper apology for the huge disaster.
Park Geun Hye held a meeting of senior secretaries of Chongwadae a few days after the disaster but she was busy shifting the blame for the accident onto the inferiors, talking about “system for dealing with crisis”. She branded the assertion that the sinking of the ferry Sewol was caused by the rapid change of route due to war drills as a wild rumor. She also blustered it was a “sinister intention” to spark a social chaos and cried out for pursuing those who spread such rumor to the last so that they be “held accountable for it.”
She behaved so recklessly as to invite the U.S. president to tour south Korea which turned into a veritable mourner’s house and host a banquet for him, far from making much effort for rescue operation.
The puppet authorities and public officials went round the scene of the rescue operation, copying the practice of their master. However, they attempted to have a photo taken before the list of the victims, utterly indifferent to the sorrow of the bereaved families. They let loose such invectives against the bereaved families and people holding them responsible for the accident, claiming that their demand “is politically motivated and they are “uncivilized people”.
The ferry Sewol disaster was a product of the unpopular rule of Park Geun Hye.
The dignity and political rights of south Koreans are now trampled down and they are deprived of even elementary right to existence under the fascist rule of the conservative forces.
The social evils of the rich getting ever richer and the poor getting ever poorer have become serious and the living of inhabitants is in distress in south Korea.
Education has been commercialized to be a lever for profiteers’ money-making and a lot of university students are saddled with huge debts due to the snowballing registration fees. Streets and lanes are flooded with the unemployed and the number of those who commit suicide due to abject destitution is on the annual increase.
Meanwhile, the puppet Intelligence Service, military, prosecution, police and other power bodies and the right-wing conservative media have reduced the south Korean society to a huge prison without bars and tundra of democracy.
Not only south Korean media but also foreign media, describing the tragic reality of south Korea, claim that “an era of barbarians has come and the Park Geun Hye regime is leading south Korea to the era of dictatorship.”
The reality of south Korea where the ruling crisis is evermore deepening after the ferry Sewol disaster goes to prove the inevitable doom of the group of traitors.
The sinking of the Park regime is the inevitability of history.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheridansofasia/6044722946/

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