Actions for Probe into Truth behind Ferry Disaster Called for

Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) — Voice of People, south Korean internet newspaper, in an editorial on May 12 called for actions for the probe into the truth behind the ferry Sewol sinking disaster and the punishment of the responsible ones.

The editorial continued:
Students, religionists and other people are turning out in the actions, raising shouts of anger at the joint incense-burning altars outside Chongwadae, Kwanghwamun in Seoul and KBS broadcasting service and in other parts of south Korea.
This is an expression of indignation at the maritime police which assigned the rescue operation to the civilians even though they could save the passengers on board, at the bureaucrats and the media which kowtow to the power rather than allaying the pain of the families who lost their children and at Park Geun Hye who does not feel even an iota of sense of responsibility.
This being a hard fact, Park is talking about “measures for disaster control system” while turning a deaf ear to the voices of the bereaved families and other people demanding the probe into the truth and the punishment of those responsible for the disaster.
Public view that the “government” will hamper the efforts to probe the cause of the sinking disaster and call to task those responsible for it is becoming a reality. Concealment of the truth can never be allowed before the children who met deaths for believing in the words “Stay calm.”
Without the probe into the truth and the punishment of those responsible for the disaster, the souls of children still lingering in the land of the dead can never find safe havens.
The conservative ruling quarters seek to downplay the public anger over the Sewol disaster with the building up of the public opinion and deceptive tricks through reptile media and have the election to local self-governing bodies carried out successfully. But this time they can not be allowed to do so.
The editorial stressed the need to judge the incompetent “government” and prevent grievous deaths from happening again on this land.

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