Quick Involvement of Maritime Police Could Have Saved All Passengers Aboard: S. Korean Newspaper

Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) — The south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News in an article titled “Quick involvement of maritime police could have saved all passengers aboard” carried on its May 12th issue blasted the maritime police for shunning the rescue operation.

It said:
There is information proving that right before the sinking of the ferry the maritime police had 47 minutes enough to have access to the ferry and rescue the passengers, but it did not start the rescue operation, simply looking through broken windows.
A person concerned of the prosecution-police joint investigation headquarters for the sinking of ferry Sewol clarified on May 11 that at 9:30 on April 16 last month when the maritime police arrived at the scene first, the ferry was tilted about 45 degrees, adding that if the maritime police had immediately started the rescue operation, all passengers on board could have been rescued.
The maritime police had access to Sewol by a helicopter and a warship before others but they only rescued the captain, crewmen and some passengers.
The police could speak to passengers over microphone from the steering house of the ferry, etc. to guide them to escape. But the police did not tell even the rescued crewmen to do so.
They also had time enough to enter the hull of the ferry and guide the passengers to escape and give help in the rescue operation though it was hard for it to make such broadcasting, according to the analysis made by the investigation headquarters.
Passengers aboard anxiously asked for help over cell phones, etc. being trapped inside while the maritime police rescued only crewmen after giving up the entry into the hull.
The rescue operation could have been possible even at 10:17 a.m. when a student of Tanwon high school sent his last message.
The newspaper clarified that evidence proving that the maritime police shunned the rescue operation was disclosed.

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