S. Korean Newspaper Denounces Puppet Group for Causing Uneasiness and Division

Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) — Voice of People, south Korean internet newspaper, in an editorial denounced the puppet group of south Korea for causing uneasiness and division on May 10.

The editorial said on May 9 Park Geun Hye suggested “a draft measure for improving people’s livelihood” the keynote of which is to lend funds to travel, transport and lodging businesses and ensure the circulation of the funds in the areas of Jin Island and Ansan.
This policy will saddle minor business people and common people with debts again, the editorial said, adding:
This shows that Park who is accustomed to blaming others is attributing economic stagnation to the sinking of the ferry.
The major cause of the economic downturn is the authorities’ unpopular rule as evidenced by the widening gap between the rich and the poor due to the expansion of the part-time jobs.
It is worth recalling that Park held a “meeting for taking measures for improving people’s livelihood” at a time when the bereaved families of the victims of Sewol disaster anxiously asked for an interview with the “president” outside Chongwadae.
Park is herself hurling mud at the angry bereaved families and other people.
The current social uneasiness was caused by the “government” which has neither capability nor will to protect the lives of the people.
The spokesman for Chongwadae declared that they would meet only members of bereaved families. The authorities branded those who hoped for the safe return of those who went missing as the “forces following the north”. This is the cause of the social division.
The “government” does not bring any hope to the people. Yet, it urges them to stay calm and not to conduct agitation, far from coming out to protect the lives of the people and ensure their security. That’s why the people no longer pin hope on such a “government”.
The only option is to come out to defend one’s own life and security.

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