Rodong Sinmun Terms Park’s Ambition for “Unification of Social Systems” Daydream

Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun in an article Thursday dismisses Park Geun Hye’s “doctrine of gaining a great opportunity of unification” as an armchair argument which can never come true.

The article goes on:
The Park group’s doctrine is an unpardonable watchword for confrontation as it is aimed to realize its sinister scenario for achieving “the unification of the social systems” backed by foreign forces.
If the Koreans are to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification, their long-cherished desire, it is necessary not to consider the differing ideologies and social systems as absolute but achieve the reunification by federal formula on the principle of recognizing and tolerating each other’s ideology and social system.
However, the south Korean authorities have been indifferent to this reasonable proposal of federal formula and have worked with bloodshot eyes to achieve the “unification of the social systems”.
The above-said doctrine touted by the south Korean puppet group is nothing but a ridiculous charade staged by it in the anticipation of any “contingency” in the DPRK.
The socialist system in the DPRK is the most solid socialist one centered on the popular masses as the army and people are single-mindedly united.
Thanks to the Worker’ Party of Korea’s great politics of love the people lead a dignified and happy life and hurrah for socialism is heard from every part of the country. The DPRK has a very bright prospect and the future of the nation is rosy.
The social system in south Korea is a fascist colonial dictatorial system under which the independent aspiration of the popular masses is violated at the point of bayonet. It is like dregs of the times as it lived out its days.
As shown by the ferry Sewol tragedy, the south Korean society is a hell where the working people cannot live in peace even a moment.
The Park group’s pursuance of the doctrine is as foolish an act as precipitating its self-destruction.

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