S. Korean Newspaper Deals with Expansion of Students’ Struggle

Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) — Voice of People, south Korean internet newspaper, in an editorial on May 13 dealt with the struggle of students demanding the puppet government make an apology and take responsibility for the ferry Sewol tragedy.

It referred to the candlelight rallies and demonstration marches going on in different parts of south Korea including Seoul, Kwangju and Ansan and Uijongbu of Kyonggi Province to honor the memory of the victims to the disaster.
It noted:
A memorial rally held in Ansan on May 9 was attended by students of all the 24 high schools in the city.
The participants prayed for the souls of the victims in tears and denounced the “government” for not rescuing children even though it was possible to rescue them before the sinking. They also censured the media for spreading a report distorting the truth and demanded Park Geun Hye make sincere apology and take responsibility.
Youngsters who took to the streets said their colleagues were buried at the sea as they remained where they were just as they were told to “stay put” from broadcast. They stressed they would never do as was told to do by the authorities again.
Silence demonstration on the theme of “stay put” is increasingly joined by school youth and children, a clear indication of their minds. Consistent are the shouts of the school youth and children made to the world.
The ruling quarters should answer the school youth and children in actions that “We feel responsibility and we will try to prevent such grievous deaths from happening again”. But they did not hesitate to utter such rubbish that school youth and children “participated in action for 60 000 won per day”, “They were instigated by an organization following the north” and “Those who take part in the candlelight rally will be punished”.
School youth and children look more like grown-up persons as the ruling quarters are engrossed in evading responsibility and making lies.

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