C.C., GFTUK Meets

Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) — There took place the 81st enlarged plenary meeting of the C.C., the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) here Thursday.

The meeting discussed the issue of implementing to the letter the tasks set forth by Marshal Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address for 2016.
Ju Yong Gil, chairman of the Central Committee of the GFTUK, made a report to be followed by speeches.
The reporter and speakers underscored the need to conduct the organizational and political work to bring about greater miracles and innovations in work sites for a great surge, holding high the Party’s militant slogan “Let us usher in a golden age in building a thriving nation in this year when the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea is to be held!”.
They called upon organizations and officials of the trade unions to boldly set goals of their units and arouse the members to the drive for hitting them and thus make positive contribution to glorifying the 7th Congress of the WPK as the congress of victors and glory.
The meeting was attended by members and alternate members of the C.C., the GFTUK and its officials in Pyongyang and local areas.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/26781577@N07/15053830478/

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