U.S. Is Tundra of Human Rights: Minju Joson

Pyongyang, February 23 (KCNA) — Two men shot each other to death after their quarrel in San Francisco, California State in America and a shooting spree occurred in the crowded cabaret in Florida State, leaving two dead and 10 others wounded. In January there took place shooting sprees in Seattle City, Washington State and Denver City of Colorado State, causing many casualties.

Minju Joson Tuesday says in a commentary in this regard:
These facts show that the U.S. is a cesspool of crimes and tundra of human rights. It goes on:
The U.S. politicians don’t care whether the weak are killed by the strong or the poor are exploited by the rich but they highly praise the happenings as a “model of freedom and democracy”.
Irony is that these politicians are finding “fault” with human rights situation of other countries, not concerned about their poor human rights records.
There is an old saying: He that has no shame has no conscience.
The U.S. styling itself a “superpower” shamelessly pulls up other countries over their human rights situation while shelving its own human rights abuses.
This hypocritical behavior of the American politicians is disgusting, indeed.
The U.S. unreasonable and self-contradictory approach towards the human rights issue only brings bitter shame to it.
The U.S. would be well advised to properly know that it is wise for it to look into its position as the world worst human rights abuser and get rid of it before accusing others.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mononukleoza/5338738583/

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