Day of Sun Observed by Russian Newspapers

Pyongyang, April 6 (KCNA) — Russian newspapers dedicated special write-ups to the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

The 11th issue of Konkurent devoted one whole page to an article titled “Eternal sun” illustrated with a portrait of smiling Kim Il Sung and his photos.
The newspaper said that April 15, birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, is the Day of the Sun.
Not only the Korean people but also the progressives celebrate the Day of the Sun with splendor every year, it noted, and went on:
He founded the Juche idea and thus illuminated the road to be covered by mankind.
He positively supported and encouraged the peoples of a lot of countries in their struggle for the anti-imperialist national liberation and the building of a new society with broad magnanimity and internationalist obligation.
Though he passed away, his idea and exploits are shedding more bright rays and he is alive in the hearts of all people as the sun of Juche.
The April issue of Serp I Molot in an article illustrated with his photo praised him for building and leading the state.
The March 30th issue of Rio Panorama carried an article titled “Scientists streets in Pyongyang” accompanied with a photo of Marshal Kim Jong Un.
Nakhodkinski Rabochi on March 29 allotted one whole page to an article titled “Leader’s priority issue” illustrated with a portrait of smiling Kim Il Sung and photos of Kim Jong Un.

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