Rodong Sinmun Slams S. Korean Authorities for Paving Way for Japan’s Reinvasion

Pyongyang, April 6 (KCNA) — At the request of the south Korean puppet forces, the chairman of Japan’s maritime “Self-Defence Force” flew to south Korea and held a confab with the naval chief of staff of south Korea recently under the pretext of “discussing the proposal for reenergizing exchange”.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in a commentary terms this an act of treachery paving the way for reinvasion by Japan, the sworn enemy of the nation.
It is as clear as noonday that the collusion and nexus with the Japanese militarist forces watching for a chance of reinvasion would entail catastrophic consequences, the commentary says, and goes on:
It is quite natural for the south Korean people from all walks of life to express irrepressible indignation at the behavior of the Park Geun Hye group of traitors working hard with their sleeves rolled up to knock into shape the U.S.-Japan-south Korea triangular military alliance aimed to invade the north while covering up Tokyo’s past crimes.
No matter what rhetoric the puppet group may spout to justify its treacherous acts while talking about “reenergizing the exchange”, no one will be taken in by it.
The south Korean people can never escape the disgrace and insult nor can the Korean nation get rid of the danger of a nuclear war as long as such group of traitors is allowed to encourage Japan in its ambition for militarist reinvasion, far from letting them make an apology and reparation for the past crimes.
The south Korean puppet group deserves the severest punishment as it makes no scruple of committing any treacherous acts to do harm to compatriots.

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