Rodong Sinmun Warns S. Korean Traitors of KPA’s Severe Punishment

Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) — The Korean People’s Army (KPA) should mercilessly pound the reactionary ruling machines in Seoul, the enemy cesspool of evil, and accomplish the historic cause of national reunification, once it receives an order for attack. This is the thunder -like order issued by Kim Jong Un, brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu, to win victory while guiding the large-scale intensive striking drill of long-range artillery force of the KPA large combined unit on the front. Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in an article.

It goes on:
The deafening roars made by the artillery pieces during the drill were like a symphony of final victory of all service persons and people of the DPRK.
The thunderbolt-like shelling made by long-range artillery force of the Paektusan army was the great eruption of the hatred burning in the hearts of all service personnel and people of the DPRK and their will to take revenge upon the enemy.
The supreme headquarters represents the hearts and future of the servicepersons and people of the DPRK and the Korean nation. Therefore, the traitors’ hideous provocations against it are the thrice-cursed atrocities of gangsters little short of thrusting daggers into the lifeline of all families in the DPRK.
It had already served a serious warning to the provocateurs running riot without any thought of ensuing consequences. In case the enemies desperately defy the warning, the invincible revolutionary Paektusan army will launch preemptive, consecutive attack on them in a more deadly and severer punishment without any warning and prior notice, bound not to anything.
Golden chance of national reunification will be seized by the DPRK in advance. It will wipe out the enemies of justice and peace, despicable group of traitors, across south Korea through merciless and limitless retaliatory blows and achieve the historic cherished desire of the nation.

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