Live-shell Firing Drill Staged by KPA Units

Pyongyang, April 12 (KCNA) — Artillery sub-units under large combined units of the Korean People’s Army staged a live-shell firing drill under the simulated conditions of beating back the enemy forces conducting a surprise night landing on April 9.

Involved in the drill were artillery pieces of different calibers of KPA large combined units 526 and 287.
KPA Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong So, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, and Army General Ri Myong Su, chief of the General Staff of the KPA, supervised the drill.
The drill was observed by teachers of Kim Il Sung Military University and Kim Jong Il Military Postgraduate Institute.
The drill was staged by the way of destroying targets of incoming “enemy” support warships and wiping out “enemy” landing groups at pitch-dark night through intensive fire.
Batteries promptly took their positions with high mobility.
Mock “enemy” warships suddenly intruding into territorial waters of the DPRK in pitch darkness were spotted and identified accurately and the batteries were promptly ready to open fire.
When a firing order was issued, the batteries hit the “enemy” warships one after another with deafening roars.
The intruding “enemy” warships were all blown up at once and the theater of the operation turned into a sea of flames.
Intensive firings were conducted by artillery pieces of various calibers to eliminate the landing “enemy” groups.
The live-shell firing drill demonstrated the invincibility of the strong revolutionary armed forces of Marshal Kim Jong Un to counter any provocation of the U.S. imperialist aggressors and the south Korean puppet group of traitors with a prompt counter-action and react to their war of aggression with a great just war for national reunification.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nemethv/23440796585/

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