30th April Spring Friendship Art Festival Goes on

Pyongyang, April 13 (KCNA) — Performances of the 30th April Spring Friendship Art Festival were given at different theatres in Pyongyang on Wednesday.

The State Academic Voronezh Russian Folk Choir began its performance by singing the immortal revolutionary hymn “Song of General Kim Il Sung”. Artistes of the State Cossacks Dance Company “Stavropolye” of Russia, the State Folk Band Orchestra of Belarus and the Malaysia Fresco Harmonica Ensemble highly praised President Kim Il Sung for hewing out the era of independence and making a great contribution to carrying out the cause of global independence.
The Piano Trio of Khabarovsk Regional Philharmonic of Russia played piano trio ensemble “Fly Our Tri-color Flag of the Republic” with refined rendition, successfully representing the Korean people’s ardent patriotism.
The instrumental trio ensemble of Cuba deeply impressed the audience by successfully presenting instrumental music pieces.
The Music Company of Cyprus, the State Art Troupe of Vietnam, the Flamenco Band of Spain, the Chamber Orchestra Alberic Magnard of France, the State Academic Classic Ballet Group of Russia, a Peruvian soloist, a soloist of the National Opera Theatre of Ukraine and a soloist of the Japan-Korea Society for Music and Art Interchange fully displayed their artistic talents.
A conductor of the Young Philharmonia Italian Orchestra enthusiastically conducted the orchestra “We Know Nobody but You”.
The art troupe of Koreans in Japan, the art troupe of Koreans in China and the art troupe of Koreans in the U.S. gorgeously decorated the festival with songs and dances prepared with sincerity.
Russian, Mongolian, Belarusian, Vietnamese and Thai artistes presented acrobatic and juggling numbers to be acclaimed by spectators.
Performances go on.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1268648755/

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