Collection of Memoirs “Among the People” Vol. 105 Published

Pyongyang, April 14 (KCNA) — Collection of Memoirs “Among the People” Vol. 105 was brought out in the DPRK.

It contains 20 memoirs telling about the feats and noble popular personality of President Kim Il Sung who devoted his all to the work for the prosperity of the country and its people’s happiness, always finding himself among them.
A memoir says that the President visited Jonsung Revolutionary Site, ascertained historical relics for hours and gave instructions to be carried out to preserve and manage them and educate visitors through them, thus making sure that the history and tradition of the victory won in the war were conveyed generation after generation.
Another memoir tells about the efforts made by the President to develop coal industry by visiting a coal mine in the northern part far from Pyongyang.
The book also contains a memoir telling about the President who visited construction site of the Tanchon Smeltery several times to turn it into the nation’s leading non-ferrous metal producer.
 There are in the book memoirs dealing with the energetic leadership, noble love for the rising generation and future of the President who made tireless efforts for the prosperity of the country and improvement of people’s living standard in the whole period of his great life.
There is also a memoir telling about the noble popular personality of the President who led a modest and simple life like a common man as he lived in the same house as ordinary people’s, wearing a plain dress.

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