Day of Sun Observed in Congo

Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) — The Congolese preparatory committee for celebrating the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung released special bulletin on April 9.

The bulletin in an article said that the world progressives significantly celebrate the Day of the Sun, birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, as a holiday common to humankind.
It went on:
The human history records many great men but it knows no such great man as Kim Il Sung who has been praised and revered by all people for decades.
He was an outstanding veteran statesman in the world as he led the cause of human independence to victory under the uplifted banner of independence against imperialism all his life.
In the rigorous period when the socialist cause witnessed frustration and turns and twists in some countries he held aloft the banner of socialism and encouraged the progressives to invariably take the road of independence.
He, the genuine internationalist, let the Korean revolutionaries sincerely help the Chinese revolution and defend the Soviet Union with arms during the period of the anti-Japanese struggle and, thereafter, rendered active support to the revolutionary struggle of the Cuban people and the anti-U.S. struggle of the Vietnamese people.
He also indicated the orientation and way of strengthening the non-aligned movement.
He set forth strategies and tactics for the victory of the cause of independence against imperialism in every period of the development of history and energetically led the cause of human independence to advance along its orbit without an inch of deflection under the complicated situation.
He will always be alive in the hearts of mankind.

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