S. Koreans Called upon to Struggle for Independence, Democracy and Reunification

Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) — The Information Bureau of the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front released an “appeal to all people” on Tuesday, the 56th anniversary of the April 19 Popular Uprising in south Korea, according to the website Kuguk Jonson.

The appeal said:
The April 19 People’s Resistance that toppled the pro-U.S. dictatorial regime of Syngman Rhee was an eruption of the pent-up grudge and anger of the Korean people at the U.S. colonial rule and their will to bring about an independent and democratic new life at any cost.
The resistance was a great deed which demonstrated that no force can quell the aspiration and will of the people to live in an independent, democratic and reunified country.
50 odd years have passed but the uprisers’ ardent desire for new politics, life and social system has not yet come true.
The Park Geun Hye group, which inherited the attribute and disposition of the Park Chung-Hee military fascist junta which had usurped the fruits of the uprising at the point of bayonet, is making last-ditch efforts to revive the era of “yusin” dictatorship in south Korea.
Running high are the grudge and anger of the people at Park Geun Hye and the “Saenuri Party” which have committed unheard-of crimes for the three years in office through misrule and confrontation hysteria against the compatriots in the north.
The “Saenuri Party” suffered a heavy defeat in the 20th “general election” due to the eruption of such hatred and curse.
But the people should neither rest on their laurels nor become slack even a moment.
Let us wipe out the group of traitors and bring about without fail new politics and life for the popular masses and national reunification with such spirit and mettle as those displayed by the April 19 uprisers, full of faith in victory and optimism!

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