S. Koreans Called on to Achieve Democracy and Peace in Spirit of April 19 Uprisers

Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) — The Society of April Revolution of south Korea sponsored a meeting in Seoul Monday to observe the 56th anniversary of the April 19 Popular Uprising, according to the south Korean on-line newspaper Voice of People.

Speakers there recalled that youths and students toppled the Syngman Rhee dictatorial regime in protest against dictatorship and injustice 56 years ago.
Their spirit led to the May 18 Kwangju Uprising and the June Popular Resistance and punished the Park Geun Hye group in the April 13 general election.
It has become clear that the nation will remain hopeless as long as the Park Geun Hye regime stamping out democracy, deteriorating the people’s living and bringing the danger of a nuclear war is allowed to stay in power, they noted, adding:
Punishing the Park regime is the only way for democracy and peace and if all forces of conscience fight the way the April 19 uprisers did, they can achieve democracy.
They called on all to turn out in a struggle for achieving democracy and peace in the spirit of the April 19 uprisers.
Then followed a lecture on how the Kaesong Industrial Park was shut down and why the north-south relations were thrown into a crisis.

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