Chairman of C.C., DPRK Red Cross Society Notifies South Side of Decision to Send Families of Abductees to Seoul

Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) — Ri Chung Bok, chairman of the Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society, on Friday sent the following notice to the president of the south Korean Red Cross in connection with the fact that the south Korean puppet group is keeping in custody the DPRK citizens after luring and abducting them:

As already disclosed, gangsters of the Intelligence Service of your side abducted citizens of the DPRK to the area of your side in the most base and barbarous manner in broad daylight in conspiracy with brokers in China.
Nevertheless, the authorities of your side keep the above-said citizens in custody against their will, talking about “a group defection” and “free will”, and flatly turned down even the just demand of the DPRK for their repatriation. This cannot be construed otherwise than an unpardonable unethical behavior and insult to noble humanitarianism.
Our side hears that the authorities of your side are busy conducting against the abductees appeasement, hypocritical and “defection” operations baffling human imagination.
These practices are adding to the most brutal and unethical crimes besides the abduction by the authorities of your side including Chongwadae and the “Intelligence Service”.
Your Red Cross should no longer overlook this deplorable situation as its mission is to work for humanitarianism.
The families of the abductees are eagerly asking for face-to-face contact with their daughters as they were forced to part from the beloved daughters.
At their earnest requests our side again seriously notifies your side of our decision to send them to Seoul via Panmunjom.
Your side should not conceal the unethical crime under such absurd pretext as “international practice”, but take immediate technical measures so that they may go to Seoul via Panmunjom to have face-to-face meeting with their daughters.

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