Park Geun Hye’s Hostile Remarks against DPRK Flailed

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) — The leading newspapers of the DPRK on Saturday are critical of Park Geun Hye going about to reel off a torrent of hostile remarks against the DPRK again after her defeat in the “National Assembly” election of south Korea.

At the recent meeting of the chief secretaries of Chongwadae, Park pitched her voice high for “a stern punishment” and “full-ready military posture”, slandering the DPRK’s measure for bolstering up the nuclear deterrent for self-defence. She cried out for a “coordinated push” of the ruling and opposition parties, conservative and progressive forces to cope with the “sudden provocation” from the north.
Rodong Sinmun comments that this is a revelation of her intention to persist in the confrontation with the DPRK, far from making an apology for spoiling the inter-Korean relations and plunging the Korean peninsula into the brink of a nuclear war.
Such a disgraceful behavior of the evil woman who utters invectives to incite confrontation with the compatriots in the north, irrespective of time and circumstances, is nothing but a desperate fit of a psychopath, the newspaper says, and goes on:
If she is a woman of guilty conscience and elementary reasoning, she should fall prostrate and apologize for her crimes against the south Korean people and the nation and step down.
Her rhetoric only invites sneers from all people as she outlived her days.
It is advisable for Park to awake from a daydream of seizing power and have her shroud tailored for her funeral.
Minju Joson ridicules Park’s rhetoric as a miserable funeral song of a top-class pro-U.S. lackey who is in great straits due to the dependence on outsiders.

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