Foreign Media Praise KPA’s Tradition of Devotedly Defending Leader

Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) — Foreign media praised the glorious tradition of the Korean revolutionary armed forces which regarded it as its noble mission and official duty to defend the leader unto death.

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Misaiya noted the history of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) dignified with glory and victory represented the one of devotedly defending the leader as the KPA has kept it as its invariable lifeline to defend the leader unto death after the war.
The Lao National Radio aired that the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters of the first generation of the Korean revolution started the tradition of defending the leader at the cost of their lives because they cherished the transparent faith that the victory in the revolution is impossible without the leader and that it is the top-priority mission and noble duty of the revolutionary army to defend the leader unto death.
The Tehran Times noted that devotedly defending the leader has been the sacred tradition of the KPA.
The India Europe News and Information Bureau noted modern factories suited to the requirements of the new century and monumental edifices have taken shape one after another in the DPRK as the result of the servicepersons’ spirit of devotedly implementing the leader’s orders.
Radio Uganda praised the servicepersons of the KPA who are armed with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader, their will to fight unto death for the country, revolution and socialism and the spirit of unconditionally implementing the leader’s orders, stressing this is the true picture of the KPA today.
The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai and the Guinean newspaper Horoya noted that socialist Korea is ever-victorious as it upholds Marshal Kim Jong Un as the supreme commander and the KPA is playing the vanguard role in all fields such as politics, economy and culture.

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