KCNA Commentary Censures Park Geun Hye for Pursuing Policies, Bogged down in Ditch

Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) — Park Geun Hye, the nation’s trouble maker, keeps pursuing disgusting policies, bogged down in a ditch.

Grudge is running high against traitor Park Geun Hye who totally failed in politics and economy and brought the inter-Korean relations to a total collapse. Against this background she recently brought together human scum as part of the charade to maintain the regime, bringing to light her despicable and disgusting true colors to make matters worse.
Of late south Korean media disclosed that Chongwadae instructed the “Oboi Yonhap”, notorious ultra-rightist conservative body, through the executive officer of its office of the chief secretary for political affairs, to hold a meeting supporting the humiliating “agreement” on the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army early this year and let the “National Businessmen’s Association” (Jongyongryon), the group of plutocrats, and other organization to provide funds to the above-said body.
It was said that the amount of the funds the “Oboi Yonhap” received from Jongyongryon in the name of “operation fund” from September to November, 2014 reached 120 million won.
This is a true story about her foul politics.
Park’s affection for the “Oboi Yonhap” deserves an ill-fame.
She is apt to call this ultra-rightist conservative group each time she makes a trouble as she finds it perfectly suited to her treacherous and unpopular political motive.
The south Korean puppet group struck a “deal” on the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army at the talks with the Japanese foreign minister in Seoul late last year. This sparked off criticism among Koreans and other people of the world for being the “second south Korea-Japan treaty.”
At the talks Japan, in fact, denied the responsibility for its past crimes and evaded the reparation for them by uttering the ambiguous word of “apology” and making the promise to offer a petty amount of financial aid while the south Korean traitors overlooked Japan’s distortion of history and promised to remove the statue of a girl sexual slave for the Imperial Japanese Army standing in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul and stop the accusation against Japan in international arenas, thrice-cursed acts of treachery.
The “agreement” made between the south Korean regime and the Japanese reactionaries was the height of the former’s sycophancy towards Japan and craftiness and shamelessness peculiar to Japan.
When rallies and demonstrations demanding the total nullification of the criminal “agreement” took place in south Korea almost every day and the public became ever more vocal critical of it, the Park group gave an instruction to the “Oboi Yonhap” to hold a rally in support of the “agreement” and let the plutocrats give it a generous reward for the event.
Chongwadae has hurled a group of human scum into the operations for eliminating the public figures with different political views from it.
In January last year ultra-rightist conservative elements affiliated to the “Oboi Yonhap” thronged to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office and demanded it impose a heavy penalty on Ri Sok Gi, lawmaker from the former Unified Progressive Party.
It was none other than the Park Geun Hye group of traitors who prodded the old members of the “Oboi Yonhap” and “the Society of Victims of Defoliants” and other ultra-rightist conservative gangsters into staging a “rally denouncing the followers of the north” in the heart of Seoul and conducting the operations for scattering leaflets against the compatriots in the north.
The Park group has been behind those who have zealously backed the conservative forces in their hysteric counteractions against the anti-“government” struggles of people of various circles in south Korea.
Park is a poor political charlatan keen on the trite political campaign by relying on the ultra-right maniacs forsaken by the public.
Her fate has already been sealed in the political landscape in south Korea becoming ever more corrupt with each passing day.

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