Anniversary of May 18 Popular Uprising Observed in South Korea

Pyongyang, May 20 (KCNA) — At least ten thousand people held a night vigil on Kumnam Avenue of Kwangju on May 17 for honoring the memory of the martyrs on the 36th anniversary of the May 18 Kwangju Popular Uprising, according to the south Korean online paper Voice of People.

Testimonies were made by the women who lost their sons and daughters and brothers and sisters in the May 18 popular resistance and witnessed the massacre committed by the Chun Doo Hwan military junta.
The participants acclaimed the testimonies made by the victims and witnesses and pledged themselves to fight for independence, democracy and national reunification, keeping in mind the spirit of the May 18 uprising.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lynxsquared/3219102034/

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