Rodong Sinmun Censures South Korean Chief Executive’s Provocative Remarks

Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) — Some days ago, the chief executive of south Korea had “a dialogue for unification” with the betes noires of “the Advisory Council for Democracy and Peaceful Unification” at Chongwadae.

In the dialogue the chief executive spouted out ridiculous rigmarole that “the sanctions against the north gradually prove efficient”, reeling off a litany of rhetoric that she would “create environment for the north to dismantle its nukes and make changes” and usher in “an era of unification for peace and happiness”. She went the lengths of crying out for “harsher sanctions and pressure” and vociferating about “self-destruction” while raising a hue and cry over “additional provocation from the north”.
Commenting on her reckless remarks, Rodong Sinmun Monday says that what she uttered only betrays her foolish behavior of failing to face up to the trend of the situation and the public desire.
The commentary goes on:
Her provocative remarks are an open declaration of her will to keep to the road of political and military standoff instead of opting for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations.
Tragedy is that she is still making futile efforts, pinning hope on the “sanctions” against the DPRK.
Neither “sanctions” nor pressure is workable on the DPRK. This has already been proved through history and realities.
Now is the time to make a wise judgment and act with reason.
The south Korean chief executive in the grip of the worst ruling crisis is standing at the crossroads of deciding her fate.
The process for mending the inter-Korean relations would offer the last opportunity to her.
Catastrophe of the inter-Korean relations would make her position more difficult.

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