Chairwoman of C.C., Chondoist Chongu Party Calls for Spurring Movement for National Reunification

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) — Supreme leader Kim Jong Un’s clarification of the Juche-based line and policies for national reunification at the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea is an event to be specially recorded as it provides the important guidelines to bring earlier the final victory of the cause of independent reunification.

Ryu Mi Yong, chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Chondoist Chongu Party, said this in a statement on Wednesday.
The statement went on:
The tasks and policies advanced by Kim Jong Un clearly indicate the orientation and ways to settle the issue of the country’s reunification most fairly and reasonably in line with the will and interests of the Korean nation.
We will get united under the banner of By Our Nation Itself and dedicate all our efforts to building a reunified country, regarding the above-said line and policies for national reunification as a patriotic appeal to all Koreans to strive hard for the final victory of the cause of national reunification.
We will dynamically wage a joint drive for paving a broad avenue to national reunification by the concerted efforts of the Koreans by boosting contacts, exchanges, solidarity and alliance with the south Korean Chondoists and various political parties and organizations.
The separatists at home and abroad can never check the dynamic advance of the Korean nation all out for winning the final victory of the cause of independent reunification, and the Chondoist Chongu Party will fulfill its important responsibility and duty in doing so.

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