Koreans in China Determined to Strive for Opening Avenue to National Reunification

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) — Cha Sang Bo, vice-chairman of the General Association of Koreans in China, issued a statement on Tuesday to support the joint statement of the DPRK government, political parties and organizations.

As soon as the new line and policies for national reunification clarified by supreme leader Kim Jong Un at the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea were open to public, they were heartily supported and hailed by the international community as well as by the Korean people at home and abroad, the statement said.
Extending full support to the joint statement which reflected the unanimous will and desire of the whole Korean nation for detente on the Korean peninsula and a critical breakthrough in the national reunification by improving the catastrophic inter-Korean relations, the statement noted:
The south Korean authorities are well advised to get rid of slavish submission to the U.S., make a bold decision to part from the humiliating pro-U.S. policy and abandon the humiliating cooperation with the outsiders that defame the fellow countrymen.
The south Korean authorities should bid farewell to their stereotyped attitude of responding to the sincerity and proposal of the DPRK for national reconciliation with ill-mannered refusal, war games and nuclear blackmail, roll back the hostile policies towards the DPRK and tackle the improvement of the inter-Korean relations with honest approach.
The General Association of Koreans in China and all Koreans in China will bear deep in mind the firm faith that the prosperous and reunified power will be built in Korea in the near future as they are led by illustrious commander of Paektu Kim Jong Un and more dynamically wage a patriotic struggle to open up an avenue to independent reunification in response to his patriotic call.

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