Minju Joson Blames S. Korean Military Warmongers for Escalating Tension

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) — Shortly ago, the south Korean military warmongers staged the firing drill in waters around five islands in the West Sea under the pretext of coping with someone’s “provocation” and the combined marine drills with the U.S. Navy in the West and South seas of Korea by mobilizing the warships, while crying out for coping with someone’s SLBM.

Minju Joson Thursday says in a commentary that their moves are the dangerous military provocation aimed at chilling the climate for national reconciliation and enthusiasm of the Korean nation for national reunification which are mounting with the fresh line and policies for national reunification set forth by the DPRK as a momentum. Their moves are also aimed at harassing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
The commentary says that the DPRK is making sincere efforts to ensure peace and security on the peninsula.
It goes on:
However, the south Korean authorities are resorting to the moves for a war of aggression quite contrary to the DPRK’s efforts. This is, indeed, their open declaration that they would continue to escalate the military confrontation, instead of repairing the north-south relations through dialogue and negotiations.
The south Korean authorities are persistently slandering the DPRK’s self-defensive nuclear deterrent and getting reckless in their war moves for invading the north in collusion with the U.S. under the pretext of coping with it. Their acts only result in escalating the situation on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia and increasing the danger of a nuclear war.
If the south Korean authorities are truly willing to improve the north-south relations, they should come out for dialogue and negotiations with a sincere and honest stand, not seeking sinister purposes any longer.
They should also stop all their hostile acts against the DPRK such as the reckless political and military provocation and war exercises being staged, pursuant to the U.S. policy, only to do harm to the compatriots in the north and harass peace and security on the Korean peninsula.

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