Kim Jong Un’s Line and Policies for National Reunification Supported by Journalists Union Chairman

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) — Cha Sung Su, chairman of the Central Committee of the Journalists Union of Korea, released a statement on Saturday in support of the line and policies for national reunification advanced by supreme leader Kim Jong Un at the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Recalling Kim Jong Un clearly indicated at the Seventh Congress of the WPK the Juche-oriented line and policies for national reunification to thoroughly carry out the noble behests of the great leaders, the statement said:
The new line and policies for independent reunification clarified by Kim Jong Un comprehensively deal with the Juche-based line and policies consistently maintained by the WPK in the arduous and grim struggle for ending the tragic national division as early as possible and reunifying the country, and with the victories, successes and experience gained in this course.
Only when all Koreans wage a positive struggle, holding fast to this great treasured sword for reunification, is it possible to build an independent and prospering reunified power.
We will more deeply cherish the unshakable faith that the cause of national reunification is sure to be crowned with a final victory thanks to Kim Jong Un and arouse all Koreans to the implementation of the tasks for national reunification set forth at the WPK Congress by becoming pioneers and buglers for achieving reunification.
Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we ardently call on all media in south Korea to fulfill their mission and responsibility as pioneers of the times and pacemakers for reunification in the struggle for mending the north-south relations and hastening independent reunification in line with the wishes and interests of the entire nation.
We, journalists and media persons, will arouse all Koreans to the struggle for implementing the great programme for national reunification set forth by Kim Jong Un and hasten the final victory of the cause of independent reunification.

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