S. Korean Authorities’ Abduction of Citizens of DPRK Slammed by Korean Women’s Organization in Japan

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) — Ryang Ok Chul, vice-chairwoman of the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Democratic Women’s Union in Japan, issued a statement on May 26 denouncing the south Korean authorities for their thrice-cursed acts against the nation.

The statement said:
Officials of the union and the Korean women in Japan expressed surging anger and resentment at the south Korean authorities’ allurement and abduction of a group of employees of the DPRK.
The statement accused the south Korean authorities of working hard to force the abductees of the DPRK to “defect” to south Korea through all sorts of appeasement and threat and blackmail, putting them in solitary confinement and allowing no contact with outside under the absurd pretext of “protecting their safety” and “defection according to their free will.” They are resorting to such atrocity for fear of their shuddering crime against humanity being disclosed to public, it noted.
The statement also lashed out at the south Korean authorities for turning down even the demand of the parents of the abductees for meeting their beloved daughters face to face in Seoul.
All the officials of the union and Korean women will lay bare the truth about the hideous terrorist acts of the south Korean authorities among women’s movement organizations and women of the world including Japan and carry on the struggle until the day the innocent girls of the DPRK are reunited with their mothers at home.

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