Spokesman for Federation of Koreans in U.S. Urge S. Korean Authorities to Accept DPRK’s Proposal

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Federation of Koreans in the U.S. released a statement on May 28 urging the south Korean authorities to accept the DPRK’s proposal for dialogue.

The DPRK clarified that the issues of the nation and reunification should be settled through dialogue and negotiations without fail and made a series of proposals for dialogue with the south side for the improved inter-Korean relations, the statement recalled, and went on:
Overseas Koreans have great hope and expectation towards it.
But the south Korean authorities, far from responding the north’s proposals, have perpetrated intentional military provocations, not content with denying the proposals.
Not only the north side but all Koreans in the south and abroad hope for north-south dialogue.
Then, why does the “government” of the south side only desperately oppose the dialogue desired by all Koreans?
All members of the nation know that it is necessary for the north and the south to meet irrespective of thought, ism and political view in order to avert a war and advance toward reunification.
The “government” of the south side should not chill the desire of the nation by committing impudent military provocations hostile to the compatriots in the north.
We strongly urge the “government” to accept the proposal of the north side.
National reunification is the desire of all Koreans.
The first phase for realizing it is just the north-south dialogue.
The “government” of the south side should never forget that the end of those going against the desire of all Koreans was always miserable.

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