Central Committee of GFTUK Accuses S. Korean Regime of Abusing Workers’ Right to Existence

Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) — Recently, the Park Geun Hye regime of south Korea is pushing ahead with the introduction of the system of paying salaries according to piece rate. Workers and other people of various circles in south Korea are staging broad-based actions against it.

On June 18 the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Trade Unions of south Korea sponsored a meeting of 100 000 financial and public workers for pledging an all-out action in Seoul. There, they strongly denounced the regime for working hard to reduce the workers to slaves of money and power and pass the buck for its failed economic policy and the deteriorated people’s living to them by introducing the above-said system. They launched a large-scale anti-“government” action under the slogan “Let’s put an end to the oppressive and dictatorial regime!”
They had already staged a series of actions including a meeting for pledging a protest against the regime, group hair cutting and meetings of workers of trade unions of various industrial sectors.
They declared at the meeting that they would go on a general strike of 400 000 workers in case Chief Executive Park Geun Hye fails to retract the above-said introduction plan.
The Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea said in a statement on Saturday:
The south Korean workers’ actions are an eruption of the pent-up curse and anger of south Koreans of various circles at traitor Park and their stern punishment of her who has mercilessly abused even the elementary right to existence of the popular masses, not content with turning south Korea into a veritable hell through outrageous fascist dictatorship and unpopular rule.
The above-said system which Park is working with bloodshot eyes to introduce is, in fact, the most inhumane and unpopular modern-day slavery system that legalizes and justifies the harsh exploitation and maltreatment of workers. This is clear evidence proving Park-style twisted “outlook on economy and value.”
By origin, Park is a thrice-cursed enemy with whom the toiling people can never live together as she is “a princess of yusin” steeped in pro-privileged concept to the marrow of her bones.
Park is asserting that the introduction of the above-said system is “badly needed to achieve an economic boom.” But lurking behind it is her ulterior design to get rid of the economic crisis caused by her by sacrificing the workers.
It is a stark fact recognized by everyone that corrupt and ignorant Park has plunged the south Korean economy into a bottomless pitfall of crisis.
It is the mindset of the south Korean public that the system should be applied to Park first to punish her as she is being branded as the “one who registered no success” during her tenure of office in case the system comes in force.
All workers of south Korea should not step back even an inch in their death-defying struggle, the confrontation between justice and injustice, but overthrow the Park regime, the source of all evils, before anything else if they want to protect their rights to existence and work.
All workers in the DPRK will sincerely and positively support the just struggle of the south Korean workers who determinedly rose up against the Park regime’s unpopular dictatorial rule in order to defend their genuine democratic rights and right to existence.

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