Truth about Korean War Provoked by U.S. under Cloak of UN

Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) — It has been 66 years since the U.S. imperialists unleashed the 1950-1953 Korean War by instigating the puppet Syngman Rhee clique of south Korea.

The Korean War was an unusual showdown between the allied forces headed by the U.S. and a young country.
Before provoking the war, the U.S. had schemed to “legitimate” its overall armed invasion by abusing the name of the United Nations.
Its prearranged scenario suggested that the forces of south Korea had to attack the DPRK because the latter’s army “invaded” the former and then the U.S. presented a case to the UN for feeding the U.S. troops and its allied forces into the Korean War when it broke out.
In order to carry this scenario into practice, the U.S. let its State Department work out in advance documents and resolutions to be presented and adopted at the UN General Assembly and the UNSC.
Under such preparations, the U.S. imperialists ignited a war against the DPRK on June 25, 1950. And they railroaded through the UNSC “resolutions” aimed to shift the blame for the outbreak of the Korean War on to the DPRK and allow armed intervention in Korea.
On July 7 that year, the U.S. egged Britain and France to submit another resolution which stipulated that its military action would be conducted under the UN flag and the troops of its allies would be under its command.
Consequently, MacArthur, commander of the U.S. forces in the Far East, was appointed as “commander of the UN forces” and the command of the U.S. forces in the Far East turned into the “UN Command” and the troops of the U.S. and its satellite nations could take part in the war under the helmet of “UN forces”.
As seen above, the U.S. imperialists embellished the Korean War as “defensive war” done by the UN for its mission.
However, the truth of history can be concealed with nothing.
The U.S. can never evade the blame for the Korean War it provoked even by abusing the name of the UN.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28705377@N04/4628097717/

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