Deputy Pak Pong Ju Calls for Thoroughly Carrying out Five-Year Strategy for National Economic Development

Pyongyang, June 29 (KCNA) — Deputy Pak Pong Ju made a report on thoroughly carrying out the five-year strategy for national economic development set forth by the Workers’ Party of Korea at the Fourth Session of the 13th SPA held on Wednesday.

He recalled that at the Seventh Congress of the WPK supreme leader Kim Jong Un laid down the strategic line for building an economic giant and set forth the five-year strategy for national economic development from 2016 to 2020 as an immediate task.
He said that the goal of the above-said strategy is aimed to reenergize the overall national economy and keep the balance among economic sectors and thus lay a foundation for ensuring sustained development of the country’s economy.
He went on:
The Cabinet will consider it as the main thrust to put the vanguard domain of the national economy, the field of the basic industry on a normal orbit while settling the problem of energy with a firm hold on the WPK’s line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force, and decisively improve the standard of people’s living by increasing the agricultural and light industrial production.
It will concentrate state efforts on the electric power industry to lay a solid foundation for production of electricity and attain the goal set forth by the party without fail.
It will put coal production on a high level in the period of carrying out the five-year strategy.
It will conduct a dynamic work for updating technical facilities in all production processes and supplementing and rounding off the production processes while consolidating the foundation of the Juche iron production at metal works and thus markedly increase the production of iron and steel including varieties of alloy steel and standardized steel.
It will regard it as an important task to put the production of chemical products on a Juche basis at a high level and place the chemical industry on a fresh basis.
It will increase the annual railway freight turnover by directing efforts to developing the railway transport during the above-said period.
It will settle the food problem of the people with the farming, stock-breeding and fishery as the three thrusts and basically settle the problem of consumer goods by channeling efforts into developing the light industry and thus bring about a decisive turn in improving the standard of people’s living in the same period.
It will raise the land utility rate more than 1.5 times by positively introducing the double-cropping and intercropping and thus increase the production of early ripening crops.
It will settle the problems of breeds and feed of domestic animals in stockbreeding field and put the operation of updated stockbreeding bases such as livestock breeding base in the Sepho area on normal footing and, at the same time, develop the common stock-breeding of the cooperative farms and private stock-breeding of the families in the rural areas to boost the meat production.
It will raise the level of modernization of fishing boats and fishing tackle, apply the advanced fishing technique and conduct proactive fishing operations, aware that scientific fishery precisely means results of fish catch, thus attaining the goal of aquatic production set forth by the party.
It will build more sea culture farms and further develop sea culture, thus producing more seafood such as seaweeds and shellfishes.
It will, at the same time, bring about a turn in the processing of aquatic products and thus boost the production of varieties of quality processed seafood.
It will turn the light industrial factories into model factories in the age of knowledge-based economy, locally produce raw and other materials and reenergize their production and thus boost the production of light industrial goods.
It will produce diverse light industrial goods and make them multi-colored and light, develop new products and establish technological processes so that the goods made in the DPRK may have world competitiveness.
It will see to it that machine plants improve the performance of the existing machinery and equipment and update the production processes by way of establishing flexible manufacturing systems and thus lay a foundation for producing efficient and high performance machines.
It will make sure that mines in the sector of mining industry secure greater quantity of minerals, turn mining faces, mining and transport equipment into modern and large-sized ones and, at the same time, put dressing plants and smelteries on a modern basis and thus increase to the maximum the production of magnesia clinker, electrolytic copper and electrolytic zinc and various other nonferrous metals and non-metals.
It will see to it that the field of construction builds monumental structures of lasting value on the highest level at the maximum speed, guided by the party’s Juche-based idea of architectural beauty on the principle of convenience and architectural beauty first.
It will also hold fast to the forest restoration campaign as an important state strategic task, thus turning all mountains into ones of gold and treasures covered with thick woodland in the above-said period.
It will abide by a credit-first principle in foreign trade, put foreign trade on a multilateral and diversified footing and improve the structure of the foreign trade in the direction of increasing the proportion of the export of the second and third stage processed goods, technological trade and service trade.
The reporter called for hitting the goals of the five-year strategy without fail under the banner of self-development-first principle by domestic efforts and with indigenous technology and resources.
He also called for scrupulously organizing and leading economic affairs to successfully conclude the 200-day campaign and thus winding up the building of Ryomyong Street and for unconditionally carrying out the plan for the development of the national economy and making a breakthrough in the accomplishment of the 5-year strategy for national economic development and thus fully demonstrating the will that the determination of the Workers’ Party of Korea precisely means practice and victory.

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