DPRK Papers Congratulate Korean Mothers on Mother’s Day

Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) — DPRK papers on Wednesday deal with the facts that tens of millions of sons and daughters across the country are congratulating their mothers on Mother’s Day from their posts for defending the country and at worksites and home.

Rodong Sinmun editorially said that the patriotic and faithful holy traces of mothers, who have always shared their destinies with the party with a strong will despite hardship and trials of every description, are recorded in the long history of the Korean revolution.
The Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean people are proud of the fact that the respectable Korean mothers have fulfilled the duties with which they are charged before the country and the nation in the times, always being loyal to the cause of the party.
Our mothers are also respectable educators who bring up their children to be the successors to revolution and pillars of building a thriving nation.
The Paektusan revolutionary strong army is in the van of the struggle to be loyal to the Songun leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.
The young people also created new legendary tales about heroic youth and performed feats in all theatres of building scientifically and technically strong country, economic power and highly civilized nation.
All these praiseworthy successes are thanks to the devotion of mothers.
Our mothers are also patriots who make positive contributions to the building of a strong socialist country with patriotism.
The mothers of Korea regard socialism as their life and lives.
The mothers always devote themselves to the society and the collective and comrades. They are now giving fuller play to such clean and noble moral traits.
The laughs and devotion of mothers and other women serve as the strength of the collective and also nutriment of vitality of society.
The entire women and mothers should give a steady continuity to the history and tradition of loyalty by which they trusted only the party and the leaders and were faithful to them, being proud of having been blessed with illustrious leaders.
Minju Joson also in an editorial said that thanks to Kim Jong Un, the world’s strongest country, where the happiness of our mothers and the people come into full bloom, will be built on our land without fail.

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