Rodong Sinmun Terms S. Korean Puppet Prosecution’s Investigation into Scandal Hypocritical

Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) — The south Korean puppet prosecution’s investigation into “Park Geun Hye, Choe Sun Sil scandal” is nothing but a third-rate burlesque deliberately orchestrated by its authorities in advance in a bid to acquit the criminals of all charges, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a commentary.

It goes on:
It was gentries of the puppet prosecution that provided the group of Choe Sun Sil with a chance to destroy the evidence proving her crimes by delaying the start of investigation into the scandal.
It was again those prosecutors that shocked the south Korean people from all walks of life by conducting investigation” into U Pyong U, one of the chief criminals, the way they “investigate the emperor”.
What attitude such fools will take towards the “investigation” into traitor Park Geun Hye is crystal clear.
The puppet prosecution leaves no means untried to prevent the thorough investigation into Park through blitz tactics.
Due to the scandal the south Korean society has turned into a boiling kettle and the resentment of the people from all walks of life is mounting.
However, the prosecution is persisting in the investigation aimed to hide and play down the truth behind the scandal in order to give Park breathing spell in utter disregard of this reality. It is an intolerable mockery and challenge to the mindset of the people.
The prosecution authorities would be well advised to properly understand that shielding Park who is more dead than alive is as foolish an act as pricking their eyes with their own fingers.

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