Rodong Sinmun Calls for Dynamically Stepping up Building of Powerful Socialist Country

Pyongyang, November 21 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Monday in an editorial calls for working hard to win a victory in the drive for building a powerful socialist country, highly proud of having worked a miracle of turning adversity into favorable conditions under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

It goes on:
A little over two months have passed since a severe natural disaster hit the northern part of North Hamgyong Province.
In this period the great vitality of the WPK’s idea of prioritizing the people and its benevolent politics have been fully displayed and the might of the army-people great unity and the harmonious whole unprecedented in the world has been given full rein.
“Let us achieve the miraculous victory in the drive for turning misfortune into favorable conditions on the front of recovering from the flood damage in the northern part of North Hamgyong Province with the tremendous might of single-minded unity!” This call reflecting the love for the people could be made only by our party as it regards the people’s pain as the gravest emergency situation and alleviating their misfortune as an important revolutionary work.
In hearty response to the party’s crucial decision, a new major thrust of the 200-day campaign was set and huge workforce including service personnel was rapidly dispatched to the flood-hit areas.
State material and technical potentials were all mobilized and concentrated and the entire Party, the whole army and society briskly rendered assistance to the front for recovering from flood damage.
In 13 hours from the start of the drive for recovering from flood damage, the groundwork for multi-storied apartment houses of various units for hundreds of families were finished and railways from Komusan Youth Station to Musan Station were reopened to service in a matter of over ten days. Such shining successes were possible thanks to the might of the harmonious whole of service personnel and people ready to flatten even mountains and empty seas in hearty response to the call of the party.
The above-said miraculous victory strikingly demonstrates the invincibility of Korean-style socialism and provides a springboard from which to make a greater leaping advance in the drive for building a powerful socialist country.

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