KCNA Commentary Calls on Media to Represent Mindset of People

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) — These days south Korean media have a field-day covering all aspects of extra-large political scandal of traitor Park Geun Hye.

JTBC, Kukmin Ilbo, OhmyNews, Minjok Ilbo and many other media vie with each other to file stories about the scandal.
The south Korean online paper Voice of People said the scandal is a serious “breach of national discipline” and it is something unimaginable even in the period of the feudal dynasty.
Media convey the voices of people from all walks of life, saying that “the present government and president are targets of impeachment as they committed such hideous illegal acts and abused power.” Even ultra-right conservative media ridicule the poor position of Park Geun Hye, turning their back on her.
As asserted by CBS, more than one million south Korean people irrespective of ideology and political tendency gathered in one place because citizens were angered by the scandal which brought down the foundation of society.
Media activities probing the truth behind the extra-large scandal irrespective of progressive forces and conservative forces are very just and righteous ones reflecting the media persons’ resolution to creditably fulfill the responsibility and role as mouthpiece of justice and truth and pioneers of the era.
As media reported, this scandal is not an individual case of Choe Sun Sil and some confidants in Chongwadae and the administration but the extra-large power-backed scandal perpetrated by Park Geun Hye, the boss of the conservative forces.
Cases of the MIR Foundation and the K Sports Foundation and others are the inevitable products of the traitorous rule enforced by Park who unhesitatingly drove the whole south Korean society into death for accumulating wealth and meeting greed of herself and confidants.
The reality goes to prove that there will occur more “Park Geun Hye, Choe Sun Sil scandals” as long as such conservative forces as Park stay in power.
The mindset of the angry people demands a total change in the corrupt political landscape in south Korea.
The mindset of the people has already passed an irreversible stern judgment on Park.
What she fears most is the unity of public and media in action.
That is why Park Geun Hye and the south Korean puppet authorities insist that the “Park Geun Hye, Choe Sun Sil scandal” is a “huge plot” hatched by some media and opposition parties for popular agitation and suppressed the media organs which disclosed the truth behind the Jong Yun Hoe’s interference in “state affairs” on charge of “violation of the document leakage”.
If media are to escape the brutal suppression by the fascist dictators and win back genuine freedom, they should not play the role of paid trumpeter and “guard” of the corrupt regime but fulfill their duty responding to the mindset of the people.
Tremendous is the strength of media representing the mindset of the people.

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