Park Geun Hye Group Slammed for Pushing forward System of Introducing “State-Compiled History Textbooks”

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) — Shortly ago, the puppet vice prime minister and concurrently minister of education of south Korea, addressing the “National Assembly”, blustered he would push forward the system of introducing “state-compiled history textbooks” under any circumstances as it should be dealt with “separately from the Choe Sun Sil case”.

Meanwhile, gentries of the puppet Ministry of Education said that “state-compiled history textbooks” now at the stage of final examination would be distributed to secondary and high schools across south Korea from around February next year.
Rodong Sinmun Wednesday observes in a commentary in this regard:
The above-said moves are unpardonable anti-national criminal act to benumb the rising generation’s consciousness of independence and render the south Korean society thoroughly reactionary and conservative and to seriously falsify the truth of history.
What merits a more serious attention is that the above-said moves were invented by Choe Sun Sil, a wandering shaman.
Not content with mocking at the south Korean people and driving the inter-Korean relations into catastrophe at the prodding of such pseudo religious leader and ghost shaman as Choe Sun Sil, the Park group are working hard to twist history by stretching tentacles even to history textbooks for students. They deserve a stern judgment by the whole nation.
It is foolish, indeed, for such old witch of Chongwadae more dead than alive, forsaken by the people, to push forward the system of introducing “state-compiled history textbooks” quite contrary to the trend of the times.
The Park group had better bear in mind that such moves will only precipitate their ruin.

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