S. Korean Paper Discloses Moves of Choe Sun Sil and An Jong Bom to Destroy Evidence Proving Their Crimes

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) — The south Korean paper Hankook Ilbo on Nov. 20 disclosed the fact that Choe Sun Sil and An Jong Bom, former chief secretary for policy coordination of Chongwadae, made desperate efforts to destroy evidence proving their crimes.

According to it, when scandals of Choe were reported by media, she phoned her confidant in south Korea from Germany on Oct. 25, instructing him to scrap all the five computers from her company.
The confidant deleted all files from the computers and destroyed hardware with a hammer.
Meanwhile, An Jong Bom in the middle of October made a phone call to the vice-president of the “National Federation of Businessmen” before prosecution’s investigation and demanded he makes a false statement that An was not involved in the establishment of foundation and fund-raising. Accordingly, the vice-president scrapped the mobile phone containing conversations and messages exchanged with An with the help of a specialist before responding to the prosecution’s investigation on Oct. 25.
On Oct. 21An Jong Bom let his aide delete mobile phone messages of a director of the K Sports Foundation and the list of the foundation’s directors. An gave him a document on how to respond to the prosecution’s investigation.

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