Park Geun Hye’s Bid to Tide over Crisis Is Not Tolerable: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) — Traitor Park Geun Hye’s bid to tide over crisis by running the whole gamut of gimmick will spark off stronger rebuff of the south Korean people and they will remove all the hordes of traitors, Rodong Sinmun Friday says in an article.

The article goes on:
Now the Park Geun Hye group is trying to while away the time and prolong the present situation in reliance on some confidants in Chongwadae, pro-Park circle of the “Saenuri Party”, puppet Intelligence Service, prosecution and military and tide over the crisis and serve out a full term.
In fact, Park advertised that she would respond to the prosecution’s investigation, but she denied it one day before facing investigation under absurd pretexts.
What was more shameless for Park was that she issued an order to carry out “a strict investigation” into the LCT scandal in Pusan regarding it as a good opportunity.
Days ago, Park arbitrarily appointed the second vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, deriding the people’s strong demand for her resignation.
These days she has gone impudent as to talk about “summit talks” with the U.S. president-elect.
This goes to prove that traitor Park is making desperate efforts to stay in power at any cost despite strong demand of the working masses in south Korea, always regarding them as fools.
However her cunning trick to tide over the crisis is not workable. The angry south Korean people will never tolerate it.

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