Spokesman for Education Commission of DPRK Denounces Park Geun Hye’s Group for Distorting History

Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) — The south Korean puppet Ministry of Education staged the farce of posting the screened copies of “state-compiled history textbooks” on a website on Monday.

As regards this farce, it announced that after informally receiving “opinions” on the copies, it would go through the procedures of “supplementing and rounding off them and apply them to secondary and high schools across south Korea from around March next year.
A spokesman for the Education Commission of the DPRK said in a statement on Thursday that this is an unpardonable mockery of the mindset of the south Koreans who are opposing and rejecting the “state-compiled history textbooks” and another reckless act of openly going against the trend of the times.
The statement noted that the above-said copies of “state-compiled history textbooks” were printed after the Park Geun Hye group made public in October last year a “system for introducing state-compiled textbooks” calling for using only the history textbooks issued by the puppet committee for compiling the national history, claiming that the history textbooks which have been used so far are “those with left tendency”.
What is stunning people is the fact that Choe Sun Sil, a human reject, and her gentries, played a key role in compiling the above-said “history textbooks”, the statement said, and went on:
It is deplorable, indeed, that Park Geun Hye who reduced the south Korean society to a mayhem by playing into the hands of Choe Sun Sil let this green shaman and her gentries play the role of a shock brigade in introducing “state-compiled history textbooks” and made a mockery of even the national history.
All facts go to clearly prove how desperately the Park’s group is working to implant the reactionary view on history and hostility towards the fellow countrymen in the north into the minds of the youngsters in a bid to completely benumb their consciousness of independence and render the south Korean society conservative and reactionary generation after generation.
No matter how desperately the group may try, they can never hide truth.
The south Korean people should throw the Park group making last-ditch frenzy while falsifying the truth of history into the abyss of ruin and record a new history of justice and truth in the history textbooks.

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