National Sci-Tech Presentation in Field of Salt Production Held

Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) — A national sci-tech presentation in the field of salt production was held in Onchon County, Nampho City of the DPRK on Dec. 7-8 under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea.

Taking part in it were officials and teachers, researchers, technicians and graduate students and students from Kim Il Sung University, the Salt Industry Management Bureau, the Geology Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences and other units.
Its participants heard more than 60 papers on the achievements made in applying the new way of producing salt by use of underground ultra-saline water and settling the sci-tech problems to put the salt production processes on a comprehensive mechanization and scientific basis.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/1027424064/

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