Kim Jong Il, Songun Brilliant Commander

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) — Leader Kim Jong Il was an outstanding Songun (military-first) brilliant commander who had demonstrated the dignity of the DPRK all over the world with his superb strategy and matchless pluck.

He proved in reality the truth that the arms of Songun are the strongest power to clear out the injustice and evil.
In the 1990s, a radical change was made in the world political structure.
Availing itself of this opportunity, the U.S. instigated the dishonest elements of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to enforce “ad-hoc inspection” upon the DPRK under the pretext of “suspected nuclear development”. And it resumed the risky Team Spirit 93 joint military exercises against the DPRK with over 200 000 aggression troops and a number of nuclear strike means involved.
To cope with this grave situation, an order of the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army was issued to declare a state of war readiness for the whole country, all the people and the entire army, which was followed by the statement of the DPRK government on its withdrawal from NPT.
The toughest counteraction of the DPRK evoked a worldwide admiration, while giving a shock to the U.S. administration.
The U.S. had no option but to sit down at negotiating table with the DPRK and, eventually, the DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework was declared and the U.S. president sent a letter of guarantee to Kim Jong Il.
Later, the DPRK emerged as a legitimate nuclear weapons state despite of the hostile forces’ threat, blackmail, sanctions and pressure.
Such a wonderful event was entirely attributable to his Songun leadership.
Today, the DPRK is further demonstrating its dignity and might under the Songun leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/2603173425/

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